How (Not) To Communicate Effectively: Podcast Tips On Industry Press And PR

February 9, 2021 by Dave Haynes

People who do marketing and public relations in this and related tech sectors might benefit from listening to this interview I did recently with Visix, from its Digital Signage, Done Right podcast.

For a change, I was the one fielding questions, and I said what I’d like to talk about. Visix’s Derek Dewitt called the session How (Not) To Communicate Effectively.

I go on, and a little off at times, about what works and doesn’t in terms of pushing out press material that companies hope will get picked up and used as free media.

Here’s a bit of the tone:

So, if you’re going to manufacture quotes (which in most PR they are manufactured, they’re not natural language quotes), you’ve got this finite opportunity to reinforce the features, benefits, value or importance of what you’ve just released or enhanced or whatever it may be. Use it for that. Like you’ve got these fleeting moments to capture people attention. Nobody cares that you’re thrilled or pleased or excited or delighted. Sorry.

Blunt, but useful.

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