Israeli Tech Firms Team Up On Mini LCD Video Wall For Sports Interview Logo Backdrops

December 10, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Three small Israeli tech companies have teamed up on a solution aimed at enlivening the logo walls that seem to be showing up at every pre and post-game media discussion in professional and even high-level amateur sport.

Backdrops covered in neatly arranged and repeated logos are particularly common in professional football (soccer for Americans), but they’re static print, in an industry whose venues have motion graphics happening all over the seating bowl and concourse areas.

The CMS NoviSign and display manufacturer PrimeView have partnered with the startup MixZone on  a set-up that has a string of small LCDs all tiled together to make a narrow video wall band that rests just above head height on the backdrops of a media room or interview zone.

While tiling screens to create a ribbon display is not new, NoviSign suggests it has not seen these done with screens as small as 10.1 inches. It’s the sort of thing that could be used as headers on supermarket aisles, as well.

The attraction, I suppose, is that 10-inches is a commodity size for displays – because of tablets – and therefore inexpensive at volume. So this could be built on a relatively tight budget.

The extreme other end is a fine pixel pitch direct View LED wall in a press room. This is me fielding questions at the Chase Center, where the NBA’s Golden State Warriors play.

For every billion-plus facility like that, where an LED wall is a rounding error, there are countless smaller teams and leagues that have press zone, media rooms and logo walls, and this sort of thing is probably more feasible.

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