Indoor Projection-Mapping Visual Show Resorts To Drive-In To Generate Visits

November 19, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Via AV Magazine

Projection-mapped multimedia experiences are starting to pop up as touring or fixed site shows in many major cities. I have a good friend set to open up one just like that in a big city.

But the pandemic has made it challenging to open, or stay open, and to host an experience that involves large-ish gatherings walking around an enclosed space.

In Toronto, one of the work-arounds for an exhibit being run in the old production area of a daily newspaper is allow people to book time online to drive in to view the exhibit, and take in the visuals while staying in their cars.

The Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit has a Gogh By Car alternative to walking through the exhibit, which is based around some 40 Panasonic projectors blending and bathing a cavernous, dark room in visuals celebrating the work of the troubled but brilliant Dutch master.

Walk-through is also still allowed, though capacity is limited.

The 600,000 sq. ft. space, in its original use by the Toronto Star (the paper years ago moved printing and distribution to the suburbs) can handle as many as 14 vehicles at any given time. The drive-in aspect was, from what I have read, intended as a short term measure, but we all know how 2020 has gone. This may seem obvious, but just to clarify, there are specific windows for drive-in viewing, so cars are not intermingling with foot traffic.

AV Magazine has a good technical piece here about the gear and the solutions providers:

I really like these projection-mapped galleries, but the drive-in things seems like a necessary hack that is what I’d term sub-optimal. Based on photos, it appears people get out of the cars and wander around, so the point of this approach (other than novelty) seems a little lost.



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