Chicago’s UPshow Hires On Ex-RMG CEO As President And SVP

November 10, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The Chicago digital signage CMS and solutions start-up UPshow has hired on former RMG Networks CEO Bob Michelson as its President and SVP, Customer Success.

Michelson is hooking back up with UPshow CEO Adam Hirsen, who he worked with years ago at Sterling Partners, a large Chicago-based private equity investment firm.

Michelson had been at RMG for almost five years, but left in early 2019. I think he has been at UPshow for a little bit, and his company profile says he runs ops.

Says the PR:

At UPshow, Michelson brings this wealth of experience and expertise in interactive digital signage to support strategic initiatives as well as the revenue and operations sides of the business. He is particularly focused on continued customer success.

“UPshow’s all-star roster of enterprise customers and an exceptional software suite caught my interest initially.” Michelson says. “I served in several capacities at UPshow prior to stepping into the role of President, and growing UPshow’s cadre of multi-million dollar customers during this time has been an exciting opportunity.”

“Bob’s numerous accomplishments and leadership abilities make him the ideal fit for UPshow,” says Dan Malven, Managing Director at 4490 Ventures, who led UPshow’s recent round of funding. “I have worked with Bob both directly and indirectly for over 20 years. He understands the importance of successful implementation strategies that are centered around customers realizing the full potential of the software they purchased.”

Michelson sees a bright future for UPshow. The company’s software offers a degree of customer engagement that sets it apart from other digital signage companies. With UPshow, clients transform a one-dimensional screen interaction into an engaging activity that causes their customers to interact with what they see on the screen using their mobile phone. This provides brick-and-mortar brands with actionable, meaningful information about their customers.

UPshow is an interesting little company. I pegged them, at first glance, as yet another company trying to make a go of selling ads in bar and club environments – an approach that has seen a lot of roadkill. But the company’s approach is much more about engaging people with content to buy stuff sold or served there, stick around longer, and come back.

Founded in 2015, UPshow now reaches customers and employees through more than 25,000 screens in venues around the world. UPshow’s customers include hospitality, fitness, entertainment and healthcare venues such as Burger King, Buffalo Wild Wings, Anytime Fitness, Dave and Busters, Chick-fil-A, MD Now, UFC Gyms, Dunkin Donuts, Sky Zones and ATI Physical Therapy among others.  

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