Transparent LED On Film Starting To Get Market Adoption

October 27, 2020 by Dave Haynes

LED on film is getting better and tighter, and starting to see some marketplace adoption.

The Chinese manufacturer Nexnovo has been a major supplier of mesh-based transparent LED, but I have discovered it also does film – with a focus on horizontal ribbon-like displays that can overhang things like entryways.

The attraction of LED on film is that it is genuinely transparent, whereas the mesh-based products are see-through … ish, but tend to look awful from the rear because of the back end of the thin lighting strips.

These are 10mm pixel pitch and have 92% transparency. They weigh a little more than 20 pounds and can be daisy-chained for wide rows of units.

One interesting thing is the Shenzhen company has also written a CMS for the displays, controllable via a smartphone app.

I like these things for their simple functionality. You wouldn’t likely use it for ambitious creative, but as a sign over a door that says “Buy One, Get One Free!!!” … it will get noticed. Same for things like pointing the was in convention centers and rail hubs. 

LG, as well as some smaller start-ups, also have LED on film, and I wrote the other day about a Korean firm with LED embedded in glass window panels.

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