Re-Opened American Dream Filled With Direct View LED Displays

October 27, 2020 by Dave Haynes

This is a glimpse inside American Dream, the destination retail/entertainment attraction that opened up, closed for COVID and then re-opened at the start of the month.

The huge mall (the backers don’t like that term, but …) is located in the New Jersey meadowlands, on the other side of the Hudson from New York City. It is owned and run by the same Edmonton-based company (Iranian-Canadian developers) that built the West Edmonton Mall and the Mall of America – both vast shopping centers with things like rides and waterparks.

This new one borrowed on the Dubai Mall and has a ski slope.

The venue has a LOT of digital in it – with ribbon boards on bulkheads in a central court area, and a big curved unit by the theme park. The direct view LED is all from SNA Displays.

Says a case study:

SNA Displays is supplying more than 40,000 square feet of digital signage throughout the American Dream campus and continues to roll out indoor and outdoor LED displays as further development continues.

There are roughly 150 LCDs around the mall, with PCAP touch for the wayfinders.

An interesting note – SNA did the financing on the LEDs. Sansi Development Group (SDG), an integral partner in financing American Dream’s state-of-the-art digital media network, is responsible for the development and deployment of advertising and sponsorship opportunities campus wide.

All media sales are managed by BOLDSITE Media, a destination media company based in New York City.

I just tried sitting in on a World Retail Forum tour of the venue, but the video – even though pre-recorded – had awful audio. The acceptability bar for video quality has been lowered by Youtube and now TikTok, but viewers still need to hear what’s being said.

Oh well. Good looking project and it will get better in the spring as more parts of the mall open and we hopefully have FAR fewer COVID issues in the wild, in New Jersey and elsewhere.

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