Climate Change Exhibit Creates Video Tunnel With 112 OLEDs

October 8, 2020 by Dave Haynes

This is a video tunnel using open-frame OLED displays, some curved, for a climate change awareness exhibit called The Glacier – part of an exhibition at Klima Arena in Sinsheim, Germany.

Says Sovanta, a German software company involved in the project:

The walk-in exhibit is an extraordinary experience: With its help, visitors experience a leap in time into the year 2100 and find themselves as holiday travelers on the last remaining part of the Amazon. Accompanied by the robotic tour guide KIM – short for climate information module, visitors are kidnapped into a world in which humans resign themselves to the challenges of climate change. 

The journey takes place in a video tunnel, consisting of 112 partly curved displays, which create an amazing immersive effect and put the viewer in the place of the action. A total of 48 loudspeakers distributed over 30m² create a unique audio background that is able to simulate winds deceptively real. This turns the glacier into an interactive experience.

The video below is all in German, so if your command of that language is as strong as mine, you can focus on the visuals. You can watch the whole thing, which includes some projection mapping using short throws, are skip to 4:13, when the guy gets to the tunnel portion:


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