Taipei-area Porsche Dealer’s Experiential Centerpiece Is Big LED Feature Wall

October 2, 2020 by Dave Haynes

This is a Porsche dealer in Hsinchu, Taiwan, a big city in the immediate orbit of Taipei that has a LOT of big tech companies, and therefore any number of high net worth individuals.

Porsche Studio Hsinchu is a new concept dealership I assume is aimed at urban locations, where space is finite and real estate particularly expensive.

Digital display is a big component and the project was pulled together by TRISON, Europe’s biggest pro AV-focused integrator. Obviously, the company works outside the region and the original client is based in Germany (Stuttgart).

The highest profile element is a big fine pitch LED display on a feature wall at the rear of the store.  There are also large LCD displays and a vehicle configurator.

The “media technology specialist planner” was a company called Macom Group, which like Porsche is from Stuttgart.

Looks great! The most familiar Hsinchu-based company to people in this industry would likely be the LCD display manufacturer AUO, which also owns ComQi and John Ryan. It is also home TSMC, the world’s biggest independent semiconductor company. 

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