New Hollywood-Themed Dubai Lux Hotel Fills Check-In Area With Big LED Visuals

September 29, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The Cosmopolitan in Vegas now has a worthy competitor to top the list of the most digitally-driven lobbies in a high-end hotel.

This is the lobby of the recently completed and opened Damac Paramount Hotel in Dubai, which is next to the main roadway and mass transport line that bisects the city, and in the general vicinity of the Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa.

The lobby has big, fine pitch direct view LED lining its walls, running custom created content developed by the LA-based creative shop StandardVision.

Says the creatives in its online showcase:

Celebrating the cinematic experience of Hollywood moviemaking, StandardVision brought to life beautifully immersive and responsive installations throughout the Damac Paramount Hotel in Dubai.

With the goal of transporting its guests to a Hollywood vintage place and time, StandardVision designed, implemented and produced custom high resolution content for an Immersive 360 degree lobby screen, a multi-channel interactive speakeasy featuring noir-themed live-motion portraits referencing iconic character types from the Paramount library, and an interactive sands-of-time world clock to personally greet visitors from every time zone on the globe.

There is a video on the site but I could not find a way to embed it, so click here to watch a quick creative reel.

Very impressive. Would love to see in person, but who knows when overseas flying is a safe ordeal worth enduring once again.

  1. Great screens. Not sure a great experience for the people who work there 😉

  2. Angie Duncan says:

    Gorgeous! Love to see it.

  3. Richie Chen says:

    Would almost risk flying just to go see this. Super cool.

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