Krispy Kreme Uses Doughnut Theater To Pull In Times Square Crowds In NYC

September 18, 2020 by Dave Haynes

This is the Doughnut Theater Experience – the big Wow Factor feature of a Krispy Kreme flagship store in Times Square in New York.

David Title and his crew of artists, coders and techs at Bravo Media spent about a year developing a set of visuals for the store, which just opened this week.

There’s a big, wraparound corner LED on the facade, but the real show is inside – using projection-mapping and what looks to be gesture-sensing cameras on a feature wall.

Here’s a video of one content sequence:

The PR from the QSR chain says:

Krispy Kreme’s first global flagship shop will showcase the brand in the most iconic city in the world, bringing joy to New Yorkers and everyone from around the world who visits. The one-of-a-kind, 4,500 square-foot shop offers a deliciously immersive and interactive doughnut experience, including:

Here are more details from Krispy Kreme’s Todd Hoffman, who led the project:



Also, the lead architecture firm was Chute Gerdeman out of Columbus, Ohio.

The store had been scheduled for May but was pushed back due to you know what.

Bravo does interesting work. Here’s a podcast I did with David Title from last year …

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