SignageOS Gets $2M Growth Infusion From Czech VC

July 27, 2020 by Dave Haynes

These are rough times, but it may be encouraging to read that there is indeed some investor money out there for companies in the digital signage ecosystem.

The Prague start-up signageOS has announced a $2 million cash injection from a Czech venture capital firm, to grow the company’s self-described Digital Signage Unification Platform.
“As always, we decided to invest primarily in the team at signageOS and the great founders,” says Ond?ej Fryc, Founder and Managing Partner, Reflex Capital. “They have created a global service for digital signage that meets all of the prerequisites for it to succeed. We are very happy that we can be a part of this journey.”

The funding by Reflex Capital will enable signageOS to further realize its position as the only digital signage unification technology provider and facilitate the expansion of the signageOS team and services. Furthermore, the funding will be used to accelerate operations, fuel further platform enhancements, as well as support existing customers’ rapid growth.

signageOS provides a unified method to accessing and using smart commercial displays and other professional digital signage hardware. signageOS does this in conjunction with providing uniformed, cloud hardware management to content management system companies as well as other digital signage stakeholders like integrated solutions providers.
The signageOS technology enables digital signage companies and their customers’ device networks to become truly hardware-agnostic, thus ensuring long-term digital signage hardware compatibility with optimal performance.

Since launching in 2018, signageOS has garnered partnerships with global content management system companies as well as leading digital signage hardware manufacturers. Tens of thousands of devices across the globe in verticals such as banking, retail, airports, educational institutions, quick service restaurants, cinemas, among many others are connected and rely on the signageOS technology every day.

signageOS solves the problem of hardware and software compatibility in digital signage creating a new market category in the industry. signageOS is building new business opportunities for its partners through an API-first approach while drastically increasing savings on development costs, platform integration maintenance, and remote troubleshooting.

signageOS CEO Stan Richter CEO: “Our efforts will continue to unlock new opportunities for all of our partners, build open ecosystems, and drive software-based innovation for the entire digital signage industry that has long been predominantly focused just on hardware.”

Good for them. If you went a bit cross-eyed on the description, the simple way I describe the unique pitch of signageOS is they have a middleware platform that enables an end-user and/or solutions provider and CMS to work on a variety of technologies and operating systems, without putting a pile of money and time into development. 
So say a client says. “I like your software, but I need this to run on a network that has Android andLG WebOS smart displays.”
If you don’t support them already, that’s a choice of saying no or doing the R&D to make it happen. The fast-track is to run it through signageOS, which has figured out and stays on top of the various platforms and enables people to run these mixed networks without all the upfront work. The  caveats are that it adds cost and the network now routs, in part, through another party.

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