ViewSonic Branches Into Workplace-Focused All In One LED Video Walls

June 23, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Taiwan-based display manufacturer ViewSonic has been focused lately on LCD-driven collaboration displays for workplaces, so it’s logical to see it branch into large but packaged-up direct view LED displays – launching a pair of all-in-one video walls intended for office lobbies and boardrooms.

There are are 135-inch and 163-inch versions that are designed and engineered to allow easy installation and activation. 

Says the PR:

These direct view LED displays are composed of one main cabinet and multiple panels for easy installation. When installed, each individual panel auto-configures and calibrates its location and setting values within the display as a singular unit. This eliminates the need for complicated set-up processes – all that is needed is to turn on the display. The displays may be installed easily with two people and within two hours, ensuring installers can save their customers time and labor costs.

“ViewSonic continues to offer our ProAV partners innovative products to help them grow and evolve,” says Bryan Phann, Sr. business line manager of LFD/commercial displays at ViewSonic. “With the LD series of direct view LED displays, we’re providing an all-in-one cost-effective alternative to the traditional custom-made video walls, that is easy to install, calibrate and maintain. The LD135-151 is larger than four 67-inch LCD displays, while the LD163-181 is larger than four 81-inch LCD displays combined. This ensures that users are getting a messaging and communications platform that is stunning and immersive, without extraneous hours of installation or costs.”

The displays have built-in System On Chip media players that run Android 8.0 and also ship with screen-sharing software for mirroring content to displays from other devices.

A powerful embedded SoC platform delivers an innovative viewing experience, by simplifying installation and maintenance, so there is no need for external devices to communicate with a server. With remote configuration and content management system support, both the LD135-151 and LD163-181 are optimized for digital signage applications, and are compatible with Crestron, Extron and AMX automated control systems for seamless integration.

The 135-inch version has a 1.55mm pixel pitch and has an estimated street price of $100K US.  The 163 is 1.88mm and will set you back about $120K.

Both are available state-side in August.

There are several manufacturers – of all sizes – doing these all-in-one pre-packaged displays that are intended to simplify the idea and reality of LED video walls. I know there are a bunch of reasons to go down this path, but the one that strikes me – in terms of selling – is that fixed sizes and all-in bundles are easy to communicate and price.

A lot of LED jobs are initially priced on cost per square meter, with all kinds of “it depends” answers to questions.

This sort of thing allows integrators – who more normally put in conferencing systems and other workplace AV solutions – to add LED to their lineup and capabilities without having to build up a lot of understanding of the tech, and experience with it.

ViewSonic also has a range of conventional LCD video wall displays, including ultra narrow bezel displays. Based on website pricing, the LED solution seems to line up with general industry perceptions that LCD is about 20% of the cost of fine pitch LED of the same visual footprint.

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