Samsung Announces Back To Business Solutions Set Built On New Normal Challenges

June 16, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The operating challenges presented by the novel coronavirus have prompted a bunch of companies to start marketing solutions that are framed around using technology to get businesses back open and running safely.

It started with a handful of solutions by smaller companies, but now the big guys – like Samsung – are getting involved.

The US wing of the electronics giant is launching a series of commercial display and software solutions framed around a back to business theme – focused on Safety, Collaboration and Communications.

The solutions reflect partnerships with several vendors:

Palmer Digital Group’s FDA-Certified Temperature Screening:  “Palmer Digital Group’s temperature testing kiosks have become a line of defense for employees and customers,” said Charles Lewis, Vice President of Business and Sales at Palmer Digital Group. “Our kiosks are paired with Samsung 32-inch displays, so each user is given clear instructions and information.”

Creative Realities’ no-contact Thermal Mirror technology, which does real-time temperature inspection and also triggers alerts.  Samsung is using the solution around its own main offices, and CRI’s CEO Rick Mills says he’s “confident the solution will play an indispensable role in helping companies take care of their most valuable assets: their employees, guests and customers.”

Havrion: “Our ThermalID solution makes protecting organizations effortless, effective and immediate,” says Havrion CEO Henry Fleches. “Integrated with Samsung SoC 13-inch displays featuring MagicINFO, the HAVRION Thermal Protect Kiosk features a slick metal exterior housing an adjustable height thermal device. The HAVRION Health Wall also uses Samsung System on Chip (SoC) displays to create an interactive experience.”

The company is also touting the partnership it has with Cisco for running Webex video meetings off of its Flip digital flip charts – a nod to a raised need for remote collaboration with so many people working now from home. 

Webex on Flip features various editing tools and the ability to share and source content from multiple connected devices, all with smooth video conferencing, crystal-clear audio and detailed picture quality. Available in 55- and 65-inch screen sizes, Webex on Flip allows for both video conferencing and a digital flipchart simultaneously to produce a more productive and engaging collaboration in any business setting.

What’s been intriguing to me, lately, has been the elevation of marketing importance and prominence of MagicINFO, the CMS software that Samsung has been evolving for a dozen years or more.

It has graduated from being an “oh, by the way” kind of product that was out there, but never pushed all that hard, to one that now has a senior product manager, a managed services wing, and what seems like a lot of internal energy behind it.

As part of the Back To Business push, Samsung is offering a 90-day trial of the MagicINFO Cloud-Hosted Solution “to provide businesses with the opportunity to test capabilities on their Samsung displays.”

The cloud version is new-ish, adding to the on-premise. self-hosted software version.

The company also announced it is doing an interactive virtual conference, “Samsung V/X: Back to Business,” in mid-July. People can register for free, and the sessions will also be available for on-demand views through the end fo the year.


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