Stu Armstrong Moves Over To JohnRyan As CRO

June 8, 2020 by Dave Haynes

After more than 16 years running sales and being the “face” of ComQi, in its various iterations, Stu Armstrong has taken on the new task of Chief Revenue Officer for JohnRyan.

The new role is more of an assignment than career move, as both ComQi and JohnRyan are owned by the Taiwanese display manufacturing giant AU Optronics. AUO acquired back in February, having earlier acquired ComQi.

Armstrong called me last week to provide a head’s up, and was enthused about taking on new role in a largely unfamiliar vertical sector. ComQi’s digital signage solutions focus has been on retail and food services, while JohnRyan has always been about banks and the broader financial services sector.

Don Lunetta has also been at ComQi forever, and while he was already VP Sales, Armstrong going to JohnRyan puts Lunetta fully in charge of revenue generation. Nancy Radermecher, who has been at JohnRyan forever, remains as President there.

Armstrong joined ComQi back in early 2004, when it was called Digital View. It then become Digital View Media, and then EnQii, and then when investors merged EnQii with Minicom back in 2011, it was ComQi.

Armstrong tells me that while the main JohnRyan office is in Minneapolis, he’s not expected to move west. He has an apartment in New York, but spends a lot of time at a country house up in the Hudson Valley, where he is a hobbyist beekeeper (love wild honey, but no thanks!!!).

With many/most financial services companies having big offices in NYC, and now with remote/home offices being the norm, being where he is works just fine.

Good move for Stu.

There’s another big job switch in the works for an industry person, but it may be awhile before it gets announced. More on that when it’s totally firmed up and OK to note.

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