Giant 736 Foot-Wide LED Board Lights Up In LA, Focused On Freeway Traffic

May 20, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Strangely, whenever I use the term big ass in relation to LED billboards I see all kinds of unrelated search traffic in my Google Analytics.

So in the spirit of upping my traffic numbers, this is a big, big ass billboard in LA – 55 feet high  and 736 feet wide – wrapping around the top of three sides of an office block near a couple of seriously busy freeways.

Launched in February, The Reef is a new digital development located in the heart of Downtown LA. This single massive has faces for North, East, and West over the I-10 (Santa Monica Freeway) and 110 (Harbor Freeway), which are two of the most clogged highways in the United States.

At over 40,000 square feet, The Reef is now the largest digital out-of-home billboard in the world, and the highest Geopath-rated unit in the country, delivering over 173 million weekly impressions to the Los Angeles DMA. LA freeways, in normal times, don’t exactly fly, so in addition to a lot of eyeballs, those eyeballs are in cars that are crawling, so consumers have lotsa time to ingest ads.

I don’t know who supplied the board, but it would have been a happy commission day for some sales person (Update – It is an SNA board). The billboard is a partnership between the media company New Tradition Media, and the property developer.

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