Telemetry Launches Digital Signage-Style Messaging For Remote, WFH Offices

May 14, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Vancouver, BC-based digital signage CMS software shop Telemetry has developed complementary software for its platform that extends the messaging concept of digital signage into satellite and work from home offices.

Called Visual Communications for Distributed Teams, the software is designed to “keep remote users aligned and informed with critical updates, dashboards, announcements, and live streams via their desktop computer.”

The software is a standalone app for PCs as well as for tablets.

Andrew Seipp, Telemetry’s Senior Marketing Manager, says the product was developed as a way of addressing communications challenges that are even greater for companies, now that most of their people are working remotely for who knows how long.

Seipp acknowledges there are other desktop notifiers out there doing this sort of thing, in some way (indeed, desktop notifications and screensavers have been part of some CMS platforms for years). But he suggests Telemetry has “gone beyond what other companies have done and built an entirely standalone app for the WFH situation that we are all in right now.”

The software is a simple application that can be installed on a Windows or Mac computer, and then a playlist is set by an administrator based on the team the user is on.

I have been my own boss for so long I am not the best judge of the applicability of this, or how it will be received. Sporadic pop-ups are probably going to be tolerated, but you could imagine some over-zealous business communicator going a little nuts with this.

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