Beijing Subway Line Adds Transparent Digital Windows On Passenger Cars

April 21, 2020 by Dave Haynes

This is a video from Beijing’s subway system, in a passenger car that has digital signage running in a window.

It is on line 6, and my guess is the display is a transparent OLED. There’s no side lighting to make it LCD and the pitch is, by the looks of it, far too tight to be LED on film.

The screens run station and route information, as well as advertising.

English language information on this is limited, but I sense these screens are a recent innovation.

It’s interesting, and great to have a big canvas like this – something unavailable when you do media in the gap between the tops of windows and the ceiling of subway cars. However, subway cars in mega-cities tend to be crammed much of the day, and the handful of times I was on the metro in that city, it was indeed crammed. 

The result – most riders can’t see the screen because it is standing room only.

  1. David MOON says:

    That is futuristic window application in vehicle.

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