Telecine Launches Animated Video Learning Series – Called

April 9, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The team at Montreal digital signage solutions company Telecine does a lot of serious work for some big name business clients, but it is a lot more playful when it comes to its own marketing.

For many years, James Fine and his team have put together loopy Christmas videos that it then shares out to its clients and the ecosystem. My fave remains the Pantenna.

Now the company has developed what will be a series of fun, animated videos intended as primers for end-users trying to get up to speed on what to do and not do with a digital signage network.

The short videos are the total opposite of webinars that can have people droning on for 30-60 minutes. I’ve seen some very good ones, but many amount to end-users opting in on hearing thinly veiled or just plain naked sales pitches.

Telecine also managed to score a great URL for this –

I’d embed the video but it has short term password, so go here. The password is Nicky, the name of the animated host.

Disclosure – I did the first pass at scripting these.

  1. Ian clyde says:

    Very informative content,this will surely helps the videos makers like us.Please let us know with more content like this. Thank you by the the animated artist

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