Learning Calendar Improved, Ready For Vendor Submissions

March 31, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Last week, Sixteen:Nine introduced a new service aimed at helping companies get the word out about their webinars – events that have always been a thing, but heightened in importance now that much of the world is working from home.

Version 1 of Learning was buggy, mostly because I didn’t have the time, knowledge or patience to learn all the ins and outs of a WordPress plug-in and wrestle it to submission.

So I contracted a WordPress expert, and after a few hours on Monday, she nicely smoothed out many of the rough spots and got a key feature working – self-guided events submissions. Now, when you go to the Learning page, if you have upcoming webinars and webcasts to promote, you can do so without sending me anything. You create a login, fill in some blanks, select times and dates and add a photo.

Submissions are moderated by me, so I can still act as gatekeeper. But this removes a bunch of work at my end.

There are several webinars up this week in the calendar, starting this morning. Feel free to add your own, as the listings are free.

The system is not set-up for daily or weekly versions of the same thing. You can do that, but boy that would be a lot of work to input that event by event. 

The system is also not set up for on-demand webinars/webcasts that have already been recorded. I don’t know how that presents itself in a calendar tied to times and dates. Open to ideas, though, as it has already come up.

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