DPAA, Indie Agency Madwell Team Up For Global “We Are The Countervirus” PSA Effort

March 24, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The DPAA has collaborated with the Brooklyn-based indie ad agency Madwell on a public service media campaign geared to digital out-of-home screens across the globe.  

Called We Are The Countervirus, the campaign already has committed inventory in screens from numerous DOOH networks in the US and UK, and more screen time is being pursued with network operators in Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia.

CountervirusThe campaign in intended to harness the power of DOOH on a global scale to share information on slowing the spread of COVID-19, by providing actionable, clear steps for flattening the curve on infection rates.  The campaign also encourages people to “spread” their message, reminding the public that this virus takes us to stop infecting us.

Madwell CCO Chris Sojka and DPAA president and CEO Barry Frey  struck up a friendship when they met on a flight, pre-pandemic.

More recently, says the DPAA, they discussed their shared feelings of responsibility to leverage the power of marketing to tackle the pandemic head-on. This brought on the idea of the proposal to use the DPAA platform and partners to host the campaign.  

A print ad that ran in Ad Age this week, and a microsite about the initiative is up and running: https://wearethecountervirus.com/

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