Swiss Coffee Machine Firm Adds Digital Signage To Its Latte-Makers

March 16, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Putting displays on vending machines and appliances for digital signage purposes is not new, but I don’t THINK I have seen an application that sees the fancy coffee machine in workplaces doubling up as a messaging screen.

The Swiss firm Franke Coffee Systems – or the more interesting handle Franke Kaffeemaschinen AGhas coffee machines with screens as large as 12″ that allow remote scheduling and updating.

The premise is that the break area gets lots of habitual visits by staff, and a screen on a machine that may take 30, 60 or even 90 seconds to generate a latte or cappuccino has that much-desired dwell time.

Because the machines are connected, they can also use on-board IoT sensors to send operating data back to whatever local company markets and supports the machines. So, for example, data might show a key part is due for servicing or replacement, or it might tell the shop it is running out of coffee beans.

I’ve seen lots of coffee machines in places like airline lounges, and many have screens. But they tend to just serve as the user experience, and don’t go into an attract loop like this. It SEEMS like a good idea, though I would strongly advise anyone thinking this presents an ad business.  If you 1,000s, maybe … but still just maybe. Advertising sales is a very tough game.

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