Wanted And Needed: Coronavirus PSAs That Digital Signage Networks Can Use

March 11, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Maybe it is out there and I just can’t find it, but my efforts to find a helpful, product-neutral Public Service Announcement video spot about proper hand-washing, coughing into one’s sleeve, and so on, have proven fruitless.

Despite the 24/7 news coverage of the COVID-19 virus outbreak and rapid spread, and lots of written material, broadcast interviews and playful videos on TikTok and YouTube, there does not seem to be a simple 15 or 30 second PSA video that could run, potentially, on a bazillion networks. That means ad networks, retail networks, airports, workplaces … on and on.

One is needed in Full HD landscape, another version in portrait. Simple. Instructive. Highly useful. Maybe one more reminder, one more brief tutorial, prevents some miserable illnesses or even saves a life or two.

So … two things:

1 – if you know of such material, free to download and use, please note in the comments below, and add a URL if possible;

2 – if you have some creative chops, or motion graphics people who are between projects, could you maybe knock something out, using the CDC, WHO or other resources for accurate information? I don’t think it would be inappropriate to embed a little note in the corner in the last frames saying who did the spot(s). Or just do it because it’s important, and good karma.

My job here – I’ll create a page with previews and links to downloads, ideally on the creator’s site, or via something neutral and robust like Dropbox. I don’t want to directly host on 16:9 because it is not set up for that. I’ll provide narrative love and link to the creator’s website, as well.

The videos and/or HTML5 pieces need to be free to use, and have clearance for any media – so don’t just use a photo from Associated Press and think that’ll be OK. No audio, or if there is audio, don’t make it necessary for people to both see and hear a spot to get value.

Update: Good old PNG files also work. One software vendor has already produced a set that I will put up when that company is ready later today. A static visual can run on its own or as an easily scheduled sequence.

English language to start, but the experience with DOOHgood – for typhoons and other disasters – was spots came in that were built for a variety of languages.

The industry did this a few times, years ago, most notably after the awful Japanese earthquake and ensuing tsunami. The spots produced by kind creators, from all over the place, got used all over the place.

The idea here is that many to most networks have spare “inventory” – time on their systems to run a PSA or two. If all network operators have to do is download and run it, many likely will.

There is very little we can all do about what’s going on. This would, at least, be something.

Communicate with me via the comments below, or dave AT sixteen-nine.net.

  1. Tony Scott says:


    I believe this video is from Radio New zealand

  2. You are a good man, Dave! Thank you for do this.

  3. Dave, Marlin has made several hygiene and coronavirus digital signage videos available to the general public.

    For a 5-piece video series on coronavirus, look at the end of this article.


  4. With the outbreak of the Coronavirus – Revel, Digital thought it would be beneficial to help source some content regarding public awareness and advice. The World Health Organization has video and images available


  5. I took some CDC footage and made it into 30 second clips that can be used for digital signage networks. http://www.sharpmediallc.com/coronavirus, just click the vimeo button at the bottom and it will let you download the videos.

  6. Also here is the link for CDC videos, I’m sure they will continue to post relevant videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiMg06DjcUk5FRiM3g5sqoQ

  7. Jeremy Cleek says:

    If anyone puts together a script with some static visuals, we will happily animate it.

  8. This is coming in a little late, as I’ve already seen your published resource list. But if you’re still taking submissions, Pixelart has created some very basic Google Slides COVID-19 awareness templates; templates and download instructions are included in both English and Spanish in this public Google Drive folder:


    Additionally, the CMS is free for healthcare facilities to use for the rest of the year. I’m happy to provide any other info as needed.

    Thanks for putting all this together!

  9. If you’re still taking submissions, our digital signage content agency created free dynamic COVID-19 Safety PSA messaging in landscape and portrait format. Here is a link to access the free HD files (both 1080p and 4K): http://more.renderimpact.com/coronavirus-free-digital-signage-content-1

    Thanks for writing this article, Dave! I’m sure it will reach many people in need of this free content.

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