LG-MRI Cancels DSE 2020 Stand And Presence, Citing COVID-19 Worries

February 28, 2020 by Dave Haynes

I just had a “Here we go” moment – with news of the first substantial exhibitor to pull out of Digital Signage Expo, citing worries about the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Atlanta-based LG-MRI, which is a joint-venture not formally attached to Korea’s LG, has made it known it will not be exhibiting and participating at DSE 2020, scheduled for four weeks and change from now in Las Vegas. The company had a 40 by 40 booth in the second row of stands laid out in the 2020 floor plan.

I think others will follow, unfortunately, as there seems to be a somewhat irrational, panicky,  tumbling dominoes effect to this sort of thing. This may explain DSE’s late day press announcement Thursday about all systems being go on the show, and stressing the minimal presence of the virus in the U.S.

LG-MRI has participated in DSE for more than 10 consecutive years. As such, LG-MRI deeply regrets having to make this difficult decision, but the safety of our employees and valued customers continues to be our number one priority.

With the WHO recommending that individuals “promote social distancing,” LG-MRI intends to heed that recommendation by avoiding participation in large public events until the situation stabilizes.

Related meetings and discussions will be rescheduled locally in more private settings. LG-MRI appreciates the support from its business partners and customers for their understanding.

I wrote about the virus impact yesterday, so won’t regurgitate that. In watching the media in recent days, I’d started to wonder if all of the attention this is getting might prompt second thoughts among DSE exhibitors, right or wrong.  That is now playing out.

It never occurred to me to get event cancellation insurance for the 16:9 Mixer, and now I am wondering about that. 

  1. Stan Richter says:

    Might be a little challenging now. I’m interested on how this worked out for you, because the officially appointed insurance company by DSE (or the Shepard) provided us the compulsory liability insurance but refused to provide the event cancelation insurance… I’m wondering why…?

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