Video: Fantastic 3D Content Drives Experience At Vienna Airport Store

February 21, 2020 by Dave Haynes

This is fantastic – a video wall at Vienna’s airport that uses great three-dimensional creative to blend with and help market a new retail tenant.

Lagardère Travel Retail opened The Fashion Gallery at the Austrian airport last fall, and used a facade that flanks the shop opening to install a 105 square meter direct view LED video wall, which runs a custom content sequence developed by a Dutch company called 3D Mapping Factory.

The creative team, in its YouTube summary, says:

The concept was to trigger an optical illusion by extending the existing shop seamlessly onto the LED screen wall. Then magic occurs: the audience embarks on a dazzling journey over Vienna’s iconic landmarks.

TMM Trison was commissioned to build and install the largest airport LED wall in Europe at the entrance to The Fashion Gallery. The French and Spanish teams of the Group made a thorough study of the complex surface to develop and deliver a perfect product.

The media play-out is just a BrightSign box (or boxes), and the LED is Absen’s. No detail on pixel pitch.

I particularly like this – and it should win awards if it has not already – because it works with the physical space, and a lot of thought went into the creative. I also like it because it is not trying to drag people into the store based on sales promotions. Instead, it screams “experience.”

I do wonder how the real audio is versus this presumably controlled version for YouTube. Airports can be very noisy.

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