Jim Stoklosa On The Workings And Plans For Screens, Adobe’s Digital Signage CMS

January 15, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Some very big technology companies have come into the digital signage business through the years, and with the exception of the display guys, most have either exited or their efforts kinda petered out.

Every so often I stumble across something that suggests Cisco is still in signage, but I don’t see it.

It would be reasonable to have read news that Adobe had debuted a digital signage CMS, and thought, “Well, I’ve seen this movie already …” But it hasn’t played out that way, and Adobe has for the last 4-5 years been steadily building out Screens – a content management system that grows out of its mature, widely used Adobe Experience Manager platform.

The initial target has been creatives and content managers at companies and agencies that already widely use Adobe products. If they were already developing and pushing content to web and mobile screens, why not also enable in-venue screens?

Now Adobe is kinda sorta coming out of stealth mode and thinking about a broader opportunity, providing an omni-channel CMS for mid-sized to large companies, and their creatives.

I spoke with digital signage industry veteran Jim Stoklosa, who is in charge of AEM Screens.

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