Capital Networks’ CMS Now Works With BrightSign Boxes

January 15, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Longtime 16:9 sponsor Capital Networks, a CMS software company based in suburban Toronto, is the latest firm to announce an integration with BrightSign’s little purple media players.

Capital has been an early adopter on tech – among the very first to run on Android and on “smart” SoC-based displays – so it is not very surprising to see its developers adapting the platform and player to work with BrightSign boxes.

“We were very impressed with the reliability, performance, and feature set of the BrightSign players,” says CTO Jonathan White, “especially the Web Socket API that allowed us to support features that previously required our native application Windows and Android players. Our tech support team was particularly impressed with the ease and simplicity of commissioning and deployment of the players.”

Based on the highlights provided in the news release, this is full support, as opposed to the “we got it to work” kinds of software integrations I sometimes come across. Those tend to be web players that do the basics, but not a lot else.

When I do state-of-the-industry talks for conferences and at staff events for vendors, I have been saying lately that BrightSign has shifted from being one media player option to being its own category. I hear technical people working out plans and talking in terms of maybe using PCs, maybe using smart displays, or maybe BrightSign boxes.

Happy place to be when you can separate your product out from the media player pack, and it is, I am sure, where SpinetiX would like to be (interesting stuff coming from them at ISE, by the way).

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