Twin Giant LED Rings Are Centerpieces Of Chase Flagship On NYC’s Madison Avenue

December 17, 2019 by Dave Haynes

I was in NYC for a couple of days late last week, and on Friday had a big walk around to check out some installations I’d previously only seen in text and photos.

A big target visit was the new Chase flagship branch at 390 Madison Avenue, which has a custom LED system designed and integrated by the solutions firm ANC.

The set-up features two circular rotundas of using transparent and more conventional LED video displays.

When visitors go in the south side of the branch, they see a curved LED display suspended above the branch floor, measuring approximately 117’ in circumference and standing more than 10’ tall. The display features a high-resolution section that ANC says has more pixels than the big HD video screen at Yankee Stadium.

Flanking the top and the bottom of the display, says ANC, is a curved transparent LED display. The south section also has four video walls, with 36 total LCD displays, inside the ring.

There is a smaller, somewhat mirrored version on the north side of the branch.

It was very impressive, and I liked how it was unmissable from the street. I also liked the ring/halo thingie that gets the LED tech out of reach – so it has a big visual impact but can’t get banged up like customer-level wall displays.

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