Trey Courtney Details How Mood Media Delivers Sensory Experiences In Retail

November 6, 2019 by Dave Haynes

There’s a decent chance that when you walk into a retailer in a developed country, and you hear music or some sort of in-store audio playing, that’s Mood Media.

The company is in more than half a million subscriber locations in a 100-plus countries delivering in-store media solutions. While that started with music, it was natural as digital signage technology matured to add on visual messaging.

Now the company has launched something called Mood Harmony, a new platform that grew out of a signage CMS and offers a single user experience to do sound, visuals, social media and even scent marketing off of one platform.

I had a great chat with Trey Courtney, the Global Chief Product & Partnerships Officer for Mood Media, to get the back-story on the company, why it developed Harmony, and how retailers are defining and using technology designed to deliver on customer experience.

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