Giant Information Towers Target Trade Show Attendees In Dortmund

November 5, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Navigation help and current information are very important in big footprint facilities like convention centers and exhibition halls, so it’s interesting to see the solution that went in this fall at the Messe Dortmund in Germany.

Working with the German digital signage software and solutions company dimedis, the Messe put in 18 multi-function information columns – called InfoS – throughout the exhibition grounds.

The columns have heights of up to 3.5 meters, and combine permanent print pieces with digital material on 65-inch Philips LCDs, set in portrait mode. The screens are located on two opposite faces of the columns.

The core information is easily understandable visual route guidance, and the digital screens relay up-to-the-minute information about the trade fair that’s on at the moment, advertising from participating exhibitors, image campaigns with photos and videos. The screens are also set up for emergency notifications.

The information columns have a lockable roller system and can be pushed to a new location by a single person, when and if required. The columns were designed by an Austrian company, Typico.

Pretty slick. Dimedis has a particular focus on trade shows, so it makes some sense that they’d develop something tuned to that somewhat unique need. The company’s software runs the screens throughout Messe Dortmund.

Says the company in its PR: Messe Dortmund uses kompas in the North Entrance, in the congress center, in the Mercure Hotel Dortmund Messe und Kongress and in the exhibition halls for the digital menu boards in the restaurant areas. Messe Dortmund has been relying on kompas since 2008 to control the total of 120 digital-signage installations on the entire exhibition grounds.

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