New Cruise Ship Features 305 Foot LED Barrel Ceiling

November 4, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Moving to a coastal city that’s a tourist magnet means I now see giant cruise ships all summer and fall when we get down to the harbor. Some days, there are as many as five ships docked in Halifax.

I am steadily amazed at how insanely big the newest ships are, and one that’s launching in a few days is big like the others, but also has some rather remarkable technology amenities.

The MSC Grandiosa, which launches Nov. 9, is the biggest ship in that cruise line’s fleet and one of its signature design features is a Mediterranean-style retail and dining promenade with a 93-meter-long LED dome.

For the metric-challenged – 305 feet.

No tech details on pitch, but a Linkedin post says it is Samsung’s LED product.

It is not the first ship to use large format LED displays, but this is the first I’ve come across that’s fully a part of the architectural design, and not just filling an otherwise empty wall or creating virtual windows in rooms that have none.

  1. Cruise companies are very imaginative were using interior lighting on their ships – see Royal Caribbean’s innovative ‘virtual windows’ for indoor cabins for another example.

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