Listen To The Conversation From Coffee And Controversy 2019

October 30, 2019 by Dave Haynes

A couple of weeks back I was in New York for the annual Digital Signage Federation Coffee and Controversy event, which I moderated.

I was able to grab audio last year and post as a podcast, and this year we managed the same. The audio is OK, at best, but you should be able to hear just fine.

Your big challenge will be discerning who is saying what, because the session was me and five great panelists, all with terrific insights and experience.

The topic was privacy and proof, as it relates to tech being used for retail and advertising insights. The speakers were:
– Dylan Gilbert, Policy Fellow at DC-based PublicKnowledge
– Laura Davis-Taylor, the Co-Founder of Atlanta’s HighStreet Collective & LivingRetailLab
– Kym Frank, President of New York-based Geopath
– Amy Avery, Chief Intelligence Officer at New York agency Droga5
– Jeremy Bergstein, CEO of New York agency The Science Project

By all accounts it was a great session that could have gone another hour or more. The DSF is working on video clips, as well, which will be available to its membership.

Please note this one is double the length of a “normal” 16:9 podcast.

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  1. SPENCE says:

    Dave, you all did a fantastic job and it was certainly a spirited discussion on an important topic to the industry!

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