This LED Pivots And Shape-Shifts Using Industrial Robotics

September 23, 2019 by Dave Haynes

This is a pivoting LED display that would go nicely in something like an airport or exhibition/convention hall, with a set of five blades that can link up as one large face or break out and pivot separately.

The manufacturer is PJ Link, and this was/is at LED China, which I think was last week in Shanghai. The Linkedin post suggests it is on right now, so maybe there’s another similarly named show. Dunno.

Displays with moving parts can have their issues, but this is pretty simplified and the company says it uses industrial robotics to execute the motion sequences.

There are indoor and outdoor versions. Outdoor would make me nervous, because of the effects of varying weather conditions and airborne gunk (especially in China) but indoor would/should be fairly trouble-free.

Here’s a video of one in action. I get a kick out of the use of QR codes. How would anyone capture that code when the damn thing keeps moving? 🙂

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