October Conference Focusing On Light Field Displays, Other New Display Tech

September 18, 2019 by Dave Haynes

A lot of companies – mainly startups – have been scratching away for years at display technology that is called three-dimensional or holographic. Sometimes the terms are misappropriated and things get called holograms, for example, when display nerds will say, “Nuh-uh. That’s not a hologram.”

One of the reasons I went to the SID display nerd show in Silicon Valley in May was to see the latest versions of tech called Light Field Displays, which play at the concept of truly three-dimensional displays. What I saw was interesting, but still small and early stage. As with most things, it will get better.

People with a business interest in emerging display tech like this might be interested in an event being put on by Insight Media that will look at the latest developments in the light field and holographic ecosystem, called the 2019 Light Field and Holographic Display Summit.

The event next month, held at CableLabs’ offices in suburban Denver, will have introductory and overview talks, as well as in-depth sessions are planned, on:

·     Light Field and Volumetric Capture

·     Advanced Displays

·     multi-planar

·     Light Field

·     3D

·     Volumetric

·     Holographic

·     Image Processing

·     Distribution & Standards

·     Use Cases & Business Models

Confirmed speaking companies include CableLabs, Mission Rock Digital, Metastage, MantisVision, Fyusion, Visby, Holochip, FoVI3D, Light Field Labs, Varjo, Dimenco, VividQ, Digital Domain, Fraunhofer IIS, OTOY, Aclertic Systems, Circle Optics, IDEA, Third Dimension Technologies, InterDigital, CableLabs, Pubblehill, Avalon Holographics, and Chimes Broadcasting.

This is not stuff I know much about or can ably explain, but may well have a role in signage in the coming years as technical barriers get cleared.

This is a video I took of an LG OLED Light Field Display at SID 2019. It was about the size of a Bose bluetooth speaker.

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