Research: Menu Board Testing Shows Differences Images And Motion Make On Sales

September 16, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Atlanta-based High Street Collective has now released the results of a first round of testing at a local store that doubles as a “Living Retail Lab” for digital initiatives.

The owner of Citizen Supply, located inside Atlanta’s Ponce City Market, built a bar and lounge inside his store in early 2019 and called it Likewise, with the notion of setting his store apart from others. But it didn’t catch fire with shoppers, and he needed to either convert more store shoppers to bar patrons, or rethink the investment and idea.

Working with High Street, the store looked at what it called its first test of assumptions, called a Sprint. The task: “How can we use Digital Menu Boards to drive traffic and sales to the new bar?”

I’ve written about this in the past so the best thing to do is go to the High Street site and download the executive summary for free. But in a nutshell, just going digital from analog didn’t do the business, but adding images and particularly adding motion to creative generated very tangible impacts.

The summary is a nice piece of work – way, way, way beyond the stuff I normally get, which too often is long on words but short on detail and useful information. This has pix, multiple videos, charts and graphs … pretty much anything that might get asked.

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