Visix Adds Built-In Voice Interface To Wayfinding Applications

August 27, 2019 by Dave Haynes

 Atlanta-based Visix is now formally including a voice-activated wayfinding application – dubbed Voice User Interface (VUI) – in its digital signage software suite, allowing users to find their way around places like campuses with voice instead of touch.

“The VUI uses speech recognition to understand spoken commands and questions, and will be familiar to any consumer who uses VUI platforms such as Alexa, Siri and Google assistant,“ says CEO Sean Matthews. “This unlocks tremendous opportunity to drive stronger engagement in businesses, on campuses, and within public spaces, while making the search-and-return process more convenient and efficient.”

VUI is especially ideal in wayfinding applications, says a Visix press release, “where voice instructions quickly return visible maps, paths and directories on demand. The design integrates traditional wayfinding touch options and ADA controls, adding value for customers and consumers alike. VUI can assist with ADA guidelines by providing interaction options for the visually impaired.”

Visix also sees value for healthcare clients, where voice interaction in hospitals and medical centers can reduce the transmission of germs.”

Interesting stuff. I like the application for helping people with varied disabilities. I do wonder how it will handle accents and noisy environments, but Visix has been working on this for a while and will represent more than a “we got it to work” thing, which I have seen with some earlier announcements from companies trying to generate some buzz from voice.

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