Giant Wraparound LED Upgrades Messaging At Sydney’s Convention Center

August 12, 2019 by Dave Haynes

This is well done – a wrap-around LED display board that addresses multiple needs at a convention center in Sydney, Australia.

The new LED display at the International Convention Centre Sydney is 47.5 sq. meters – 19m wide by 2.5m tall, and sitting above some existing print signage.

The screen in the ICC Sydney foyer is among 350 digital displays around the facility. This one has a nice blend of marketing and promotion for upcoming events, directional notifications (this particular event is in this hall) and fun, visually interesting motion artwork.

Brian Nash, the Director of Audio Visual Services at the ICC, says on Linkedin:

Our in-house team of audio-visual experts in the Digital Media Suite have been busily creating a suite of assets for clients to display across the screen. Here, our talented digital media cadets are leading the charge and have been honing their skills to design a series of motion artworks while working with clients and event planners directly to create bespoke content for upcoming events.

The LED display – not sure on pitch, but it looks like it is at 2.5mm or finer – was supplied by VuePix Infiled – which appears to be the Aus-NZ subsidiary of the Chinese LED maker Infiled.

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