Cruise Line’s Mega-Ship Includes Dining Hall With Experiential LED Walls

August 9, 2019 by Dave Haynes

The Spectrum of the Seas, a new mega-cruise ship in the fleet of Royal Caribbean International, uses big direct view LED screens to great effect in its main dining room.

The three level dining area can feed more than 1,800 people at once. Passengers walk in from two decks, via a 16-meter-long LED corridor. For each deck, the LED walls on the left and right side are 4.75 meter long in a straight stretch and then 11.5 meters on a curve. The walls are about 2 meters high.

The screens are Unilumin, via a Dusseldorf company called Tennagels Medientechnik. virtual arcade, which is adapted to different themes and moods through various video animations.  The content comes from Peter Millard and Partners Ltd of London. 

I’d not really thought of cruise ships being a big market for LED displays, but clearly they’re being used, and in interesting ways.

The Spectrum of the Seas also has dancing robotic arms with LEDs on the end, used in a bar.

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