Free, Open-Source Digital Signage Platform Xibo Gets Snapped

August 2, 2019 by Dave Haynes

The free, open source digital signage platform, Xibo, is now available as something called a  snap – a universal Linux app packaging format.

Snaps are described as “containerized software packages designed to work across cloud, desktop, and IoT devices. They work natively on the most popular Linux distributions and feature automatic update and rollback functionality, enhanced security, and greater flexibility for developers.”

The idea with doing this as a snap allows Xibo to offer a simple, dependency-free installation that works across many Linux distributions (variations on the core operating system) and is inherently future-proofed.

I’d like to explain that a little more deeply, but … I’m no software guy, it’s Friday afternoon, and the backyard deck beckons. Nerds – feel free to add in comments and I can work it in to an update.

“Xibo is fully committed in its mission to enable digital signage for everyone, and we’ve continuously developed our open source offering alongside the Xibo customer community,” says Chris Hopkins, Director at Xibo, in a press release. “We are very proud to launch this snap following demand for Linux, adding yet another option for our customers to bring to life their digital signage.”

“It’s always fantastic recognition to see brands embracing Linux through snaps,” adds Martin Wimpress, Engineering Manager of Canonical, the Linux-focused software company that developed Snaps and is behind the popular Ubuntu version of Linux. “Xibo is a leading name in the digital signage arena, and it’s the latest example of leading software brands across the globe expanding their reach to Linux.”

The snap for Xibo is available to download here.

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