Planar Starts Marketing 55-Inch LCD Line With Hair-Width Bezels

July 23, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Planar has started making noise about what the display manufacturer says are screens that have the industry’s skinniest bezels.

Planar and parent company Leyard says two new 55-inch models in the VM Series have a 0.88mm tiled bezel width. By that, I think that means two edges butted together still result in a seam that is less than the width of a dime and about the width of a hair on a person considered to have thick hair.

LG, by comparison, has an extreme narrow bezel 55 incher that is 0.9mm for the same cheek-to-cheek measure.

UPDATE – An LG friend politely noted it has a new unit that is also 0.88mm. From the web page: LG has finally introduced the world’s first* slim bezel under 1 mm, the 0.44 mm even bezel. Instead of contrasting the reduced bezel size with previous bezels, LG’s 55SVH7E highlights the similarity of its display with the bezel-less ‘original’ picture.

Yeah, I don’t totally get what that means, either … Anyway, super-skinny, which is the point.

Samsung has one that is 1.7mm. There may be a smaller one. Not sure. Hard to keep up if you want to also have a life.

I don’t think many people could tell the difference between 0.88mm and 0.9mm. What I do know is bezels that skinny are serious handle-with-care items. You don’t get a couple of monkeys in a rental van to put these puppies up, as something that skinny tends to be very fragile.

They’ll also cost big money.

BUT … while the gap is closing between LED and LCD costs to fit the same dimensions, LCD is still going to be substantially less when compared to fine pitch LED. With bezels that fine, and the right content, those miniscule seams should all but disappear.

I love LED, but don’t get why people make that investment sometimes when LCD will do just fine and present far less risk of being inadvertently or purposefully damaged.

The Planar announcement also involved a series of other displays, including a new 49-incher.

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