Wasting Away Past Margaritaville Resorts Many New LED Displays

July 15, 2019 by Dave Haynes

You know LED costs are getting palatable and workable when big outdoor screens formerly reserved for NFL stadiums and high traffic highways and public plazas start being installed besides oversized resort swimming pools.

This is the new Margaritaville Resort Orlando, in Kissimmee, which has more than 30 digital displays, including LCD monitors, free-standing kiosks, and interior and exterior LED screens. The big fella is a 42 foot wide one at the wave pool.

Upon entering the waterpark, says a press release from LED provider SNA Displays, visitors are greeted by an LED display approximately 21 feet wide by 9 feet high just above the turnstile awning. A twin LED screen, also installed above the awning, can be viewed as resort guests exit the waterpark. Both of these displays have a resolution of 480 pixels wide by 264 pixels high.

Across the 300-acre property in the retail area of Margaritaville are several additional LED installations by SNA Displays. An entrance pylon contains a mix of two-sided static and digital signage, including a 16-foot-wide-by-9-foot-high LED display. There are also three LED screens placed around various roundabouts in the retail area of the resort, providing themed and directional messaging to resort traffic.

Another double-sided pylon display was installed close to the 184-room resort hotel. This vertically oriented LED screen measures 11.5 feet wide by 19 feet high with resolution of 352 pixels wide by 576 pixels high.

All exterior LED displays at the resort were produced from SNA Displays’ Empire product line and feature a 10-millimeter pixel pitch.

There is also a 20-foot wide 2.5mm in the lobby, behind the check-in counter.

The screens are all there for promoting various events and activities throughout the resort, but there is also a digital OOH media component, with sales managed by Boldsite Media.

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