It May Be Summer, But Still Time To Think About Winter 2020 Speaking Gigs

July 15, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Back at my desk after a week of travel and meetings in my old haunts. It is clearly summer now, as emails and press releases have gone from a pretty much steady flow to a slow drip-drip.

Though it is summer, it is time to think about late winter, if one of your things is raising your profile and that of your company at trade shows like Digital Signage Expo.

DSE has pushed out its annual call for proposals for speaker slots at the show, which next year is at the very end of March, pushing into April, in Las Vegas. There are dedicated pre-show conferences put on by groups like the Digital Signage Federation, but the show organizers also run their own sessions, focused on peer-presented case studies in 14 different categories.

The intent, the show says, is to provide insider looks at innovative installations, business cases, the work required from internal approvals to creative application and how management challenges are being met going forward.

Submissions may be made for pre-show events, including the Digital Out-of-Home Strategy Summit and Guided Installation Tour, or for conference sessions and on-floor workshops.

Proposals, which may include traditional lecture or panel discussions, should align with the DSE 2020 categories:

With the exception of proposals for the Digital Signage Fundamentals track, presentation submissions should be geared to advanced topics, reflecting attendee interest in taking their communications networks to the next level and adopting new technologies. 

People who want to present should hit this form:

The deadline for submissions is August 28, 2019, so you have some time.

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