Pop-Up Shop In Flashy UK Mall Uses AI To Highlight Trendiest Togs

July 3, 2019 by Dave Haynes

The major shopping center Westfield London has launched a pop-up store that uses artificial intelligence from Nextatlas to identify, curate and display the hottest fashion trends available in that mall.

It’s a short-term demo, with proceeds going to the Save The Children charity.

The online retail public Essential Retail reports:

The Trending Store pop-up, which will be open to the public 3-7 July, will will track over 400,000 early adopters and innovators from around the world to identify the next big trends, enabling it to stock garments and accessories based on what is trending in real time across social media.

The store is using AI technology from Nextatlas to ensure it only stocks the top 100 fashion items based on online trends, which stylists will source on demand from retailers in the shopping centre including Topshop, Reiss, Whistles, Lindex and Stuart Weitzman.

Some of the biggest emerging trends featuring in the store include: romantic heroines, dystopian fashionistas and design therapy. They will be presented through mood boards and Ultra HD digital signage provided by LG.

Dystopian fashionistas???

The company behind the AI tech says its platform “monitors trend creators, analyzing visual content, hash tags and captions on a daily basis to project the trends of the future.”

Here’s a different report:

Interesting approach. Anybody who know me has clearly seen I am a fashion moron, so I can’t offer much insight. Those closest correlation I have seen is data-driven screens at a UNIQLO that were telling shoppers what was selling like hotcakes online. I thought that was clever, and would be influential.

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