Family Fare Grocery Chain Using Digital Merchandising Displays And End-Caps

Here are a couple of different digital merchandising displays put together for the Family Fare supermarket chain by another Grand Rapids’ MI-based company, Freshwater Digital.

One is a digital end cap marketing what I assume are hemp-based CBD oil products, with the interesting wrinkle that a small tablet is down at waist level to enable interactive and still be ADA compliant (so wheelchair users, for example, can use the set-up). The CBD products are from CBDFx, a skincare company.  The tablet controls the content on the display above to learn more about CBD and their products.

The other is a lift and learn-style piece for a beauty brand. It is built around a custom-designed acrylic box with glowing LED’s. The box uses an RFID reader hidden within the box. Products vary from P&G Olay skincare to essential oils. Each product triggers a 15-30 second video to learn more about it. 

The project was initiated and installed within 3 weeks in four remodeled Family Fares in west Michigan.

I like – because they don’t look just stuck in to the store, particularly the second one.

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

Editor/Founder at Sixteen:Nine
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Dave Haynes


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