Family Fare Grocery Chain Using Digital Merchandising Displays And End-Caps

June 19, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Here are a couple of different digital merchandising displays put together for the Family Fare supermarket chain by another Grand Rapids’ MI-based company, Freshwater Digital.

One is a digital end cap marketing what I assume are hemp-based CBD oil products, with the interesting wrinkle that a small tablet is down at waist level to enable interactive and still be ADA compliant (so wheelchair users, for example, can use the set-up). The CBD products are from CBDFx, a skincare company.  The tablet controls the content on the display above to learn more about CBD and their products.

The other is a lift and learn-style piece for a beauty brand. It is built around a custom-designed acrylic box with glowing LED’s. The box uses an RFID reader hidden within the box. Products vary from P&G Olay skincare to essential oils. Each product triggers a 15-30 second video to learn more about it. 

The project was initiated and installed within 3 weeks in four remodeled Family Fares in west Michigan.

I like – because they don’t look just stuck in to the store, particularly the second one.

  1. Interactive display signage may attract more customers to those products. And getting the proper information about any item may lead to an increase in its sale.

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