InfoComm 2019 Day One: Even The Projector Companies Are Going LED

June 13, 2019 by Dave Haynes

You know direct view LED is catching on in a big way with the pro AV crowd when companies known for projectors have big LED displays as focal points of booths.

That was the case at InfoComm with Optoma and with Digital Projection, which has, umm, projection in its name. The latter has had LED in its product line for a while, but I don’t recall this prominence. An LED was front and center at Optoma, which I think just about anyone would regard as a projector company.

Most of the tech companies that have a big history in projection – like Christie, Barco and NEC – now have direct view LED displays.

They are competing in a very crowded field. I walked a lot of InfoComm on opening trade hall day (didn’t make it to the lighting, rigging and worship areas I don’t need to see) and there was LED EVERYWHERE, front to back.

My observations:

Overall, the show looks busy. The digital signage presence is all over and the idea of a digital signage pavilion or zone mostly a promoted idea, as opposed to a reality. Because InfoComm serves a variety of markets – from workplaces to churches to sports and entertainment – the big booth display guys are not going to all agree to congregate in one specific area.

Day 2 beckons. Lotsa meetings. Lotsa walking. Lotsa hydrating with water. The humidity here is merciless. I can’t fathom walking Disneyworld all day in muggy June, but people do.

Planning to watch Toronto beat Golden State tonight in NBA Finals. Where’s the Orlando viewing party for Canadians?


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