Giant Curved LED Wall Fills Toronto BMO Branch

June 6, 2019 by Dave Haynes

I forgot when I had a 12-hour (planned) layover in Toronto a few weeks ago that I took a little time to check out some digital signage installs I had heard about, but not seen.

Looking for a photo reminded me.

This is a branch of the Bank of Montreal, street-level at the Manulife Centre in midtown Toronto. It is up on Bloor, where you would shop if you don’t bother looking at irritating things like price tags.

I know Novramedia, owned now by Montreal-based Stingray, put this in for its client, BMO. It is a curved LED wall that fills the lobby of the branch. The Manulife Centre is in the midst of a big reno job, so I was uncertain whether what I was looking at was the whole branch, or just what’s done so far. The branch re-opened six months ago.

Novramedia/Stingray managed the whole project from end to end – hardware, software, audience analytics tracking (hardware/software) and content development.  It even developed their office wall graphics and ATM wall graphics for the branch. The LED wall is easily seen from the street.

It shows where direct-view LED is at in terms of cost and impact that this is in a branch, albeit a branch in a high-rent, high net worth district. Costs have come down, but this would still not have been cheap to do.

I am pretty sure the LED tech is Samsung’s. Novra has nothing up about it, probably because it can’t. The bigger the client, the harder it can get to leverage that for PR.


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