DSF Toronto’s Breakfast Event Pulls Some 60 Attendees For Digital In Dining

The Toronto chapter of the Digital Signage Federation had its second breakfast event this morning, focused on Digital In Dining.

Here’s the word from organizer and fellow DSF board member Kelly Smith:

We had a fantastic attendance (more than 60 people in the room), and the feedback I received afterwards was overwhelmingly positive. 

The topic, the format – everyone loved it.  Interesting enough, when we finished the pre-planned questions for our panelists, and opened it up to questions from the audience, the topic immediately gravitated towards privacy concerns around cameras and user data.

Well done, Kelly!

These events are locally-driven, and Kelly did her first one before she was voted on the DSF board. Other digital signage hubs are being nudged/encouraged to do their own local meetings, and the DSF via Kelly will provide tips and templates on how to pull them together.

Chicago, New York, Dallas, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Montreal and Atlanta are all obvious candidates, given the number of companies active in those cities. Maybe Austin, as well!

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

Editor/Founder at Sixteen:Nine
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Dave Haynes


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