Great Things Can Come In Small Packages, Including Digital Signage Screens

May 24, 2019 by guest author, sixteenninewpadmin

Guest Post: Christina Condomaros, Yodeck

Christina Condomaros

Smaller screens for digital signage probably isn’t something you think of as effective. I mean, bigger is better, right? But smaller screens could be the perfect showstoppers – and money makers. All you have to do is use them in just the right places.

Why choose smaller screens for digital signage?

Because they’re easy to deploy, they fit in places where space is limited and are also cost-effective. But most importantly, they could be just what you need to engage your target viewer. Sure, a huge video-wall is definitely impressive. And very necessary in many cases. But it’s not always practical. Or possible if you’re on a budget.

And the truth is that huge screens and elaborate set-ups might not be the best way to grab people’s attention. It all depends on what your target viewer is doing when you’re competing for their time and brain-space. You’ve got to catch’em right when they’re good and ready to not only absorb your message, but act on it too.

Follow our quick and easy tips to use smaller screens for digital signage in the best way possible.

Pick the right place to set up smaller screens for digital signage

Busy hallways and high-traffic areas are not the place for smaller screens. Instead, focus on quieter areas where up close and personal connections are possible. People have got to actually see the screens to answer the call to action, right? And less traditional, more intimate locations are ideal for smaller screens.

Consider more confined areas where you’ve already got your target viewer captive and set up smaller screens there. Changing rooms, elevators, bathrooms, supermarket and retail shelves are just a few of your options. And they are all places where smaller screens for digital signage get the most bang for your buck.


Because your target viewers have enough down-time to focus on what’s right in front of them. Smaller spaces mean less competition for people’s attention. And they’re strolling along or simply stationary in that small space. Which means they’re more likely to absorb what’s on your smaller screen. And on a more practical note, there often isn’t enough room there for big screens. But that’s no excuse for not broadcasting your message.

Smaller screens for digital signage deliver your message in the moment

The whole point of having digital signage is engaging with your target viewers and giving them content they value. And sometimes smaller screens are the best vehicle for delivering your message. How come? Because you can tailor your content to your target viewer’s needs in the moment.

Consider this: you’ve got a busy mom browsing the supermarket aisle for healthy meal options. Sure, she’ll head for tried and tested or cheaper choices. But why not upsell to that brand-new product line you’ve just received? You’ll need a smaller screen to do that. Placed right on the shelf she’s browsing. With a message targeting her in-the-moment actions.

Smaller screens for digital signage are great for in-the-moment content across all retail spaces. Choose smaller screens to show your customer all available stock and colors for a particular item of clothing, furniture, appliances and more. Or use a smaller screen to cross-sell products. Place a small screen in the shoe section advertising matching bags, briefcases and more.

The beauty of smaller screens for digital signage is that you target your message based on your customer’s needs in the moment. And that’ll give you a big profit boost.

How small can you go?

Smaller screens for digital signage come in all sorts of sizes. Need a small screen for retail shelves? You can find screens as small as 5 inches as well as 7 and 10 inch displays. It all depends on the space you’ve got. Or consider smaller, interactive, touchscreens for special events.

The tech available for smaller screens for digital signage is taking off, offering you a huge range of options. You can splurge on catered-to-your-business commercial, integrated small screens as well. Which means you can have digital signage screens embedded on the surface of counters, desks, walls and shelves. And this takes your content and message right to your target viewer.

What’s it all mean for you?

Smaller screens for digital signage pack a huge punch. You can place them in smaller spaces where they reach your target viewer up close and personal. And use them to tailor your message based on your customer’s in-the-moment needs. Plus, the tech available for smaller screens is growing in leaps and bounds.

Go big or go home is a thing of the past. After all, everyone knows great things come in small packages. Including smaller screens for digital signage.


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