NYC’s 28 Liberty Gets Reinvigorated With Big Lobby LED Features

Here’s another example of how big fine-pitch LED video walls are the 2019 version of 1980s and 90s water features in office tower lobbies.

The property owners for 28 Liberty in New York wanted a visual solution that  reinvigorated the space and, more to the point, made tenants want to move in and existing ones decide to stay.

In this case, as is happening more and more in office tower lobbies, they went for massive LED video walls and cool, visualized data art. Water fountains are fussy, dated and once in, probably there for 20-30 years. LED walls have some damage risks and upkeep, but the look can change on demand, or using data, constantly and automatically.

The building has a pair of BIG LED walls as well as curvy ribbons in the retail area.

The project was put together by integrator Technomedia, Float 4 for content and its RealMotion media servers, the SmartMonkeys CMS, Gensler New York and Pentagram.

Montreal-based Float4 says “by combining data driven content, refined visuals and a turnkey technological solution, the building is equipped with a 24/7 platform that informs, entertains and engages building occupants and guests. The digital canvases display information about the building itself, local events and internal announcements in a high-tech and dynamic fashion.”

Should be seeing this coming up as the digital signage awards submission season resumes this summer and fall.

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

Editor/Founder at Sixteen:Nine
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