Five Ways Internal Communication Managers Can Use Digital Signage To Create Informed, Engaged Workplace Cultures

May 20, 2019 by guest author, sixteenninewpadmin

Guest Post: Samuel Mekonen, Seenspire

You go by many names: internal communication manager, people’s experience manager, chief diversity officer, or even chief heart officer. But whatever your mantel, your mission is one of nurturing: to foster a positive and empowering company culture through the promotion of open communication, understanding, and shared values, to create the best work experience possible for each employee.

The digital world is one of boundless opportunity, and undeniable angst. A feeling of place and purpose is essential to living happy, healthy, and productive lives; knowing why we work – and loving the reason – dictates how well we work and what we aspire to. Internal communication’s role in creating a positive work culture has never been more important.

Company culture develops through the workplace’s everyday: the daily actions, conversations, decisions, and interactions. It’s cultivated by what we hear and see. It cannot be insisted upon or brought into being simply through sheer will. To make it empowering requires communication: open, direct, and inclusive.

We’ve previously discussed the importance of inspiring and engaging employees. Now, we’re going to share with you why internal community managers should use digital signage – as one of the most impactful mediums for workplace communication – to create an informed and engaged workplace culture.

  1. Reconnecting the hyperconnected.

Employees are connected in innumerable ways; moment-by-moment, we’re confronted by information, only a fraction of which is relevant. Digital signage enables you to create a localized, focused conversation with and between employees. It means employees don’t have to rely on their phones; their attention isn’t divided between multiple sources and notifications. It’s centred, focused, cohesively combined on display screens to promote inclusivity and shared interests – in full-screen.

  1. Promote purpose.

The workplace is rapidly changing; employees’ needs are shifting to align with the expectations of the millennial workforce. Employees want to feel that what they do matters, that it has an impact. Reports fail to convey this. Statistically recorded achievements are nowhere near as impactful – or memorable – as those visually recorded and displayed across the workplace.

  1. Lead, Influence, and inspire.

We imprint off those around us; our vibe attracts our tribe. This is true both in our personal and professional lives. Digital signage allows you to showcase the best of your company – turning achievements into examples, doers into leaders – and inspire employees to greater heights with regular, diverse, and impactful content. By utilizing digital signage effectively, you give employees a new way to take pride in what they do, and a reason to want to achieve more.

  1. Open doors, remove walls.

Digital signage means opening doorways into employees’ lives. We each instinctively build walls. As internal communication manager, you’re acutely aware of how siloing – the isolation of individuals, groups, or departments – can damage productivity. Once we fail to communicate, we fail to understand – and, at that point, we’re unable to help each other grow. Use digital signage to create openness (because the world has enough walls).

  1. Build a creative space.

Creativity is born from the encouragement to think and share. The modern workplace is more inclusive, diverse, and conscientious than ever. Part of this is the wisdom we share and the insights we cultivate: ideas that transcend identity. Digital signage enables employees to share their thoughts and insights in real-time, to create a more fluid and interconnected space in which every individual has a voice.

Workplaces have changed for the better: the professional and personal spheres are rapidly merging. Employee wellness matters. Powerful companies work as healthy communities, which means communication, collaboration, and encouragement. Achieve all of these with digital signage, with regular, diverse, and inspirational content, and do more with your internal communications: lead, inspire, and empower.

In our next blog post, we’ll talk about the benefits of different internal comms channels and discuss their pros and cons.

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