Fitness App Tona’s Leaderboard Digital Signage Gamifies Gyms

May 20, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Here’s a nice example of that whole omnichannel thing actually being put to use – an all-encompassing fitness app called Tona for individuals and gyms that spans everything smartphone screens to leaderboards everyone sees.

The background for Tona is a fun story – a visual designer interviewing for a Google job, asked as part of that extended process to design the the concept, bones and look and feel of a new product, in a matter of hours.

One of the options in the assignment was creating a fitness leaderboard. Andrew Burton went after that, and came up with the concept for Tona.

He did not get the Google gig, but did see enough in his concept, and a hole in the market for it. Which led to the London, UK start-up that went live this month.

The leaderboard screen shows how gym users are doing, and encourages competition, which leads to increased workouts.

This is not really a signage application, as much as the leaderboard is a content output. Ideally a gym would have a CMS or, at minimum some device management software, to monitor and maintain uptime.

But I like very much how gamification happens with this, through the use of live data.

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